Review and Remarks

To mark the launch of the new version of our website, I wanted to do a review and also some remarks about and its tools.

It has been 5 years since the first version has been launched. And we have never ceased to improve it, and to propose new tools. This new version brings a lot of new features and we hope you will enjoy it.

What is behind :

  • two mulots 2 Mulots behind their screen,
  • the majority of dog show results, in Farnce and abroad, for 10 years,
  • a tool to calculate inbreeding coefficient easily, for every Saarloos Wolfdogs registered,
  • a map of all the kennel in Europe,
  • from today, a Database gathering all these tools and the pedigrees of all the registered dogs,
  • and at last, 200 visitors per day among Europe and beyond.

And now, the remarks. It seems very important to me that anyone who use this website is continuing to read this lines.

Saarloos Wolfdog is primarily a story of passion, our site does not have any advertising, which would allow us to cover the costs engaged in the creation and the maintenance of the site and all its tools, but would considerably impact user’s browsing. And our current will is rather to improve the ergonomics of the site than deteriorating it. So I am waiting a minimum of respect and consideration from those who use our website and like our work.

And all of that begins with requesting our authorization for using our photographs, or at least (because it is not such a big deal), by the respect of our watermark. I post on this page, or on our Facebook page, photographs that my husband and me made, obviously as amateurs since we are not professional photographs. However, they are under the Intellectual Property code (You will find here everything you have to know about that).

Therefore, I would really like you leave this watermark when you use one of our photographs for personal purpose but to public diffusion. Or at least, you can apply ©Mulots when you have to cut our watermark.
Otherwise, we will stick our watermark right in the middle of the photograph like many other photographers.

The fact that your dog appears on our photographs does not give you the right to use theses photographs for sharing them on Internet without authorization, and more than that, without the watermark of the photographer. This is right for all the animal photographers, for each pics of any pet. At the most, that gives you the right to require the its removal (and still, until now, you should prove that the pic causes you an abnormal disorder).

About us and our usage of your pics : on the pages or in the Database, I have often removed the watermark of the Saarloos Wolfdog breeders. But I apply ©..... when I have to cut theirs watermarks. It is absolutely not intentional. That is imposed to me by the graphic charter we have chosen for the website, to make the contents more homogeneous. I specify it systematically when I ask for the authorization of the use of the photographs. And this is not for my personal interest, but for the one of puppies, dogs and breeders.

I broadcast dogs' or puppies' pictures who are looking for their home without authorizations. But I assume the aim is to relay these ads so that all breeders are represented there, whether they are my friends or not. I will remove them without delay at their request.

About sources quote : I am always a little bit disappointed to see that many people/breeders who use our site, and in particular the calculation of consanguinity tool which have required a work of many weeks/months, do not even quote their source.
You will be able check in section and Thanks & Sources, or elsewhere on the website, I attach a great importance to quoting all the people who contributed in one way or an another to make what it is today. And if someone is missing, you just have to ask me. Perhaps am I too demanding?

The last thing, and I will finish here, I find it rather curious that there are a lot of researches to find Dog Show results, but only a few people give me spontaneously the results of Dog Shows results where they go there… I am alone for that job. So when you do not find your dog result, you can give it to me at this mail and I will be gratefull for that. You can also take this opportunity to send me a scan of the entire catalogue of the dog show about Saarloos Wolfdogs ;-)

This site always have vocation to be public, for the greatest number, free and without advertising. But we would easily forbid the public access and pass with individual identification system. As long as that will remain for us a passion, we will continue as we started, with same philosophy. The next version is besides in process and will bring its batch of innovations.
This is not just "internet", there is people behind.

The easiness of acces to such a big source of information in internet does not justify that one forgets the basic rules of the respect and courtesy towards each others.

My thanks to all those who collaborate with us. Without their positive feedback, we would probably give up a long time ago.