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Saarloos Canens Africae Hishka

Saarloos Wolfdog belongs to GROUP 1 : Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs). Section 1 : Sheepdogs. Without working trial. Briefly (you can find all the specifications in the Standard section), saarloos wolfdog is a wolf-like dog, and he can be grey-wolf or forest-brown, with many color variants. Size and weight : Male dogs : From 65 to 75 cm and from 35 to 39 kg. Female : From 60 to 70 cm and from 28 to 32kg.

You should not adopt a dog using only physical criteria . Others characteristics must be considered. An adoption is a responsability and should never be decided on a whim. This is especially true for big dogs, and for wolfdogs in particular.

The goal of this section is to introduce you to the main lines of the Saarloos Wolfdog's temperament and specificities. Any one who wants to adopt a Saarloos Wolfdog must ask himself if this dog breed suits him and if he is able to meet its needs.